Does Photolab 6 process Sony compressed RAW files and Sony lossless compressed RAW files

Does Photolab 6 process Sony compressed RAW files and Sony lossless compressed RAW files. Are there any issues?
(I have Photolab 6 on a Mac)

It depends on the camera, you can check it here.

I am thinking of getting the Sony a7RV. It has lossless compressed RAW.

Because the files are large, I’m thinking of using the lossless compressed RAW files to increase the frame rate.

I have Photolab 6 on Mac

Note, the A7RV is not yet supported by PL for the moment.

And a lot of lossless compression formats for other existing cameras are not supported e.g. sRAW and mRAW for Nikon, Canon, etc.

But Sony’s are, according to topics from last year that came up in a forum search.

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sRAW and mRAW for Nikon D850 and Z7 (at least and probably other Z having compressed raw format) are fully supported in PhotoLab.
I use mRAW quite frequently and absolutely no issue…

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Find your answer here:

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No there are no issues at all what I have seen. I figured that out during that half year DXO needed to make a profile for A7 IV that got these now ARW-variants.

When I converted A7 IV files to A7 III with renaming the camera label in the files there were no problems using my A7 IV-files of any compression type.

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Thank you for all the replies.

@DMHughes Hello, For Sony A7RV it will be like A1 and A7 IV, we won’t support RAW compressed M and S, only RAW compressed L and uncompressed RAW.

Gee. Now I just have to figure out which compression I have.
At least it’s something to check out.

Canon mRAW and sRAW aren’t exactly “lossless” formats, since all of Canon’s RAWs are at least losslessly compressed.
Instead they are demosaiced half-RAWs with lower resolution and i would guess that the reason they are already demosaiced is one of the reasons DXO doesn’t support them. (expecially since the lossy cRAW is supported)