Does Anyone From DXO Actually Read These Posts?

I am new to the forum. I have been using DXO software since the 00’s. I recently added PhotoLab 5 to the software arsenal and while using it noticed a few inconsistencies between the Mac and Windows versions so I joined the forum to see how DXO responds.
Well, so far I have seen zero DXO responses to anything I’ve read. So, is the forum just a place to spout off and go back to using the software ‘as is’ or does change actually happen as a result of DXO taking heed of what devoted users say?
In the specific case of Windows vs Mac versions the same complaints go back years… No changes.

There are a few staff members that read the forum and respond to a limited number of messages. They’re vastly outnumbered both in terms of numbers and amount of posts via non staff members on the forums.

More than a few. There are at least 10 staff member who post here, some more than others.


From my observations, there are “good intentions” from some quarters within DxO to standardise the Mac & Win variants - but when it comes down to practicalities, they are two separate dev teams - and there doesn’t always seem to be good communication/coordination between them.

John M


Hi @anon10787723,

DxO teams read the posts on the forum, then discuss internally for actions to take. Depending on the question and the space where the post was shared different people try to help/reproduce an issue/redirect the post to a concerned profile.
Unfortunately all the requests cannot be satisfied but we track and add them to a list of priorities.

Regarding the adjustements between Mac and Windows, we have identified most of them and step by step we reduce the volume of inconsistencies.

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Musashi: Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. I was a product manager for many years and I understand the need to prioritize for future development.

However, my question still stands. Why have such simple interface changes (ie inconsistencies between Mac and Windows versions) taken so long to implement? These are pretty ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of difficulty and the changes are easily made.

Obviously DXO doesn’t agree otherwise they would have been corrected. Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear someone is ‘listening’ :grinning:

I posted some issue on color effex yesterday with halo on Clearview inside color effex. But I cannot read it. Perhaps, because it was in french?