DNG Load error in PL

Not sure if this is a bug in the new release but I had an image show as having a load error stating “Must have ISO for RAW file” - anyone have ideas what this is? This is a DNG file from a Leica Q3 - it was ok yesterday morning but this evening it has changed.

I have no idea what this issue might be caused by and propose to address it to support.dxo.com

You can still try a few things though: Assuming that something has changed, you could try to bring back a previous copy of PhotoLab or the file in question … and check anti-malware settings and update timing.

I have raised a ticket with DXO support and will report back in case anyone else gets the same issue. I can see and edit the file perfectly well in lightroom - the ISO is missing from the metadata in PL but is showing in Lightroom and is in the EXIF data on Lightroom - assume I have accidentally damaged the PL sidecar (if there is one) but have no idea how to fix that as PL is only reading the data from the hard disc.

So DXO are saying that its not the software doing this but I don’t believe they are correct - the files that are affected are also showing the greyed out camera on the thumbnail suggesting the Lens module is missing - but it isn’t. It’s showing in the module list and all the unaffected files are showing both the module and the ISO. It’s random too and only happened after the ost recent upgrade. Anyone else on here had this problem or are using a Leica Q3?