DNG files showing as a none-supported camera

For some odd reason all my Canon 6D DNG files can not be processed. PL3 is showing an error stating that this camera is not supported!? ha? all the jpg and Raw files from this camera work just fine (except mRaw).
Not sure how to resolve this except batch processing all the files as if or just jpegs.

To the best of my knowledge PhotoLab will not process DNG files. I believe the only acceptable image formats are raw, JPEG and TIFF.


Not according to the preferences. And in any case the error should not be an ‘unsupported camera’

The Mac version is a bit different than the windows version, but are you sure that those file extensions in preferences are not just regarding exported files? It indicates that the file extensions are for processed images, which means output. Photolab can create a type of DNG file for export. Have you ever been able to process a DNG file in PhotoLab? I don’t believe I would get the same error message in the Windows version, but as I said the two versions are a bit different.


DxO says it here: https://help-photolab3.dxo.com/en/supported-file-formats

What they don’t say is, that DNG exported by PhotoLab cannot be viewed by PhotoLab either…

I’ve only tried to process DNG files on a couple of occasions over the last couple years and I guess none of them were compatible. Good to know that there are some exceptions.


That’s one of the reasons I barely convert to DNG. So basically my LR DNG files are not supported by DXO. Lucky I don’t have many photos so I can just batch process them but to be honest I am starting to loose confidence with PL in terms of file support and various UI issues.

Apparently Lightroom DNG’s are usable in PhotoLab according to the link from @platypus.


yes and no… DNGs from compressed raw still don’t work. Anyway, I wished that DxO were a bit less limiting in regard of ingestable file formats.

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And there was me thinking DNGs were a fairly common standard …

My understanding is that DxO takes as input the RAW files as they get out of the camera. Some supported cameras produce DNGs (this is the case for my Leica M9 for example), and DxO processes these files very well.

They are fairly common, and Adobe would like them to become the standard for raw images, but they are not a standard yet. I don’t believe they would become a standard until major camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon decide to output their raw files in that format.