Delete PL3?

I’ve been using PL4 for a while, but PL3 is still on my HDD. Is there any reason to keep it? FWIW I just added Nik 3.3.0 to the PL4 installation. PL3 has the earlier Nik. Do I care about that? I have the earlier Nik installation file as well as the new 3.3.0 file.

Delete away! Unless you want to keep it for nostalgic reasons.

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I’ve been thinking the same but, at least on Mac, “delete” is a loaded word.

Much as Mac users may rail against Windows’ Registry (heck, I do) Macs have the /Library and ~/Library folders which each can contain numerous areas in which applications store information.

I have tools that ferret out this stuff to enable me to “fully delete” an application, but I am always extremely wary of this process when I am deleting an older version of an application because there is a risk it will delete something associated with the newer version.

So I, for one, would like some guidance from DXO on a “full and proper delete” of PhotoLab 3 whilst PhotoLab 4 is present.

Nope, no nostalgia for PL3, just what I ran through it. :wink:

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