Delete image from PL-5 after editing?

Semantics again: Removing means that something is moved away from where it was…

Nevermind, you now know how to set the filters so that the filmstrip does not show the images you’ve customised and processed.

Thanks, Platypus, for putting an end to this exercise…

@Flycaster it is good to meet a fellow FastStone Image Viewer (FSIV) user and I am glad that the advice about filtering helps satisfy your requirements. Since testing PL5 a lot I have changed my use of FSIV and typically no longer “launch” PL5 from FSIV but navigate to the directory of interest in PL5 rather than FSIV.

My previous strategy was the following

and there was a long discussion late last years when a bug in an old version of Photo Mechanic was preventing copies of many images, from a large directory, being “sent”/“passed” etc. to PL5.

For much of what I used to do, the limitation of FSIV, i.e. that if I try to “send” multiple images to PL5, only the last one actually remains open in PL5, was not a problem. I typically “sent” one, tried some of my existing presets, refined if necessary, and then used PL5 ‘Load original image folder’ to access the rest!

However, when looking for solutions to the problem described by the user in the problem described above I realised that FSIV has this limitation and the DxPL ‘External Selection’ only ever contains a single image (at least I have not found a way, with FSIV, to pass more than one image to PL5, have you?; that includes the welcome release of version 7.6 of FSIV in March this year).

Other software manages things better, in particular the speed of generating thumbnails and handling very large directories, in particular XnViewMP, also free/donation software.

I typically prefer FSIV for most of my browsing, renaming, copying etc. and generating 1920 x 1440 copies for my more “compact” library but can “launch” XnViewMP and FastRawViewer (FRV) from FSIV.

Both these packages allow a selection of images to be passed to PL5 in a single operation to become DxPL ‘External Selections’.

FRV offers excellent RAW viewing facilities etc. for a relatively small amount of money, albeit it is not on offer at the moment and the price has increased somewhat to £25.99!