Defaults Changed After Update

Just updated to 6.2.0 Build 103. When I opened PhotoLab, I noticed that many of my edited photos (tif images) now had both Perspective and Horizon applied on them. It’s a simple enough matter to turn them off, but they shouldn’t be on in the first place since I typically use them only on Raw files.

Anyone have any insight on why this might be happening?

That is pretty strange indeed. I am a Windows user as well and I just checked my edited photos and I do not share this problem. So, if it is a bug, it isn’t a global bug.
I suppose that since you say that “many” of your edited photos have had the settings changed that means that not all of them are affected.

The only way that comes to mind that I could have caused this to happen myself is that I either did a search for tiff images with a particular keyword and inadvertently had all of them selected in the browser when I applied Perspective and Horizon to the image on my screen. Other than that, I can’t offer anything. Just guessing based on my own “mistakes” made in the past.


Thanks for the insight. Could very well be something like that. I’m running on an older PC that sometimes lags and if I get ahead of myself, I wind up with multiple photos selected. It’s quite possible that I was unknowingly editing multiples at the same time. I’ll be more careful and see if it happens again.

That’s almost certainly the cause, Jeff … I know I’ve done that myself (on more than one occasion !).

John M