Deco Min7 look to be incompatible

I have been trying a mini 7 and the current driver caused a lot od PL crashes so I shifted to there BETA program which was better. But PL4.02 just crashed twice trying to use the graduated filter. It was very “jumpy” so switched over to the fine control box and PL crashed. I don’t know if its just this make/model of device that having problems? But at present its unusable as its so unreliable. It has no problems in AP, MS Publisher or a really old Coral Draw.

What is a mini 7? I suppose that you’re not talking about a little car with tiny wheels :wink:

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Deco Mini 7 is a graphic tablet by X-Pen.

I would tend to check the driver is fully compatible with the version of the operating system before blaming any software. Just because it runs some software, especially, as you say, old software, doesn’t mean it can cope with everything

It’s said to be but I have no way of knowing eather way. It was released last month so
it would be likely to be OK with the current W10 It’s not had problems with Affinity.

I have contacted the mini7 makers with a report, I am not saying this problem is PL4, but at pressent I don’t know which program is causing the problem them or PL4. I fear I will be in the usual position of both saying nothing to do with us its them which is why I was asking if others were having problems or not.