DCP profiles and tone curves - DXO renders matrix only DCP profiles with the adobe tone curve

Thanks, if I understand right does this just move the white point? If so no, not exactly what I was trying to do but I’ve spent a bit more time adjusting my DCP tone curves and I’m happier with them now.

I just really couldn’t understand why, when using the neutral colours setting, I saw so much less highlight clipping than when I apply my DCP profiles. The image brightness does not seem to change substantially. I even made some DCP profiles with an intentionally massive underexposure built into the profile and it still apparently clipped more highlights than using “neutral colours”.

So I thought it must be the neutral colours tone curve. And maybe it is to some extent. But the more I read and think about it I suspect neutral colours is actually also doing other things. Moving the white point, maybe yes, but also bending some of the hues so they are less saturated near the white point and therefore retaining more highlight detail in the output image through some clever tricks beyond just exposure and the tone curve. If so, very interesting but beyond my talents to understand or replicate. Another cause could be problems in how I am lighting and shooting the colorchecker target for the DCP profiles.

I’m not sure, so I’ve given up trying to figure it out for now.

In answer to which camera, I am using the Canon M6 Mark II. Neutral colours goes fairly nicely with it but photolab’s camera-matching profile not so much, looks very unnatural and nothing like ooc jpegs or the digital photo professional renders.