DCP folders diffrent so dops not working

Hi I have at present a laptop and desk PC using windows. I used DCP profiles and the folder is saved in the user folder users/john/.

But I am having to replace the laptop and I understand a new install of w11 creats and keeps even if you change latter to a local account the local folder with the first 5 letters of the email address, thus would be users/john3.

In the dop s the DCP used is not linked to PL but to the folder they are in. Thus dops will no longer work between the new laptop and desk PC.

I realize the problem was where the folder was created in the first place and that PL didn’t have a standard location for using or adding DOPs but that now done.
Any ideas on what I can do?

Not sure about it, but couldn’t window directory link or junction help you to acheive what you need ?
= make “user/John/dcp” path leads to “user/John3/dcp” path ? (or the reverse).

Thanks well worth a go, where would I add this? Sorry for being dim but it’s many years since I uses such things

Be aware of difference between links and junctions (depends of your needs if several stations in network) :

(response post numbered 513 explains clearly differences).

How to create links :

This should be the case for your C drive.

command is mklink

This should be the case for your C drive.


Just as a preface: I’m not familiar with working on two machines, which is why I’m wondering…

If you save an image with the corresponding DOP file on your laptop (users/john), how does it get to your desk PC? I imagine you need to copy it to the other machine and start PL to read the DOP file and “synchronize” the database?

Since the DCP file is saved with an absolute path (in the same folder as your image by default) and you copy your image plus the DOP file to your desktop PC along with the new DCP file, it should work as follows keep the folder naming convention…assuming there’s no other problem with DxO’s UUID paranoia.

What I tried…

While PL was running (to keep the database “synchronized”), I moved an image with the corresponding DOP file to another partition (same computer) and PL displayed the image in the new location without problem . But the DCP file was still linked to the “original” location (viewed in PL by hovering over the “open DCP container” or in a file manager).

While PL was still running, I then moved the DCP file from the “original” location to the new one in the file manager and the image disappeared in PL. To bring this to PL’s attention, I opened → DCP Profile and imported that very DCP file shown in the new location and voilà, the image was back.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in batch mode!

And yes, there should be an option to move the corresponding DCP file.

( Why an option? … When I use Adobe’s DCP profiles that come with their DNG converter and are stored in Adobe’s default path, of course I don’t want to move them anywhere else. )

… other / better enlightment ?? :slight_smile:

What do folks think about suggesting that imported DCP files get written in a sub-folder of the image folder? Then the path could be written to the DOP file or database as…


Worth a feature request?

I don’t know if this is helpful or to put it another way, it may only work when moving the entire image folder (with PL running) to a different location, but not for individual images.

( well, I’m a user, not a programmer )

Sorry for not replying before but been in Wales and not even mobile phone reception for most of the day.


Thanks I will have to go through stuff. Its more complex than the old DOS stuff!


Will think about it. When DCP were introduced a number of us raised this then. At that time there was also the stupidly that if a DOP was used and its path therefor was in a dop if any one tried opening the image without the exact path or DOP it wouldn’t open at all. After a lot of pestering support the latter was finally corrected so an image would open using a default camera body. So I don’t know if rasing a fixed folder will get anywhere when there are so many other big issues and it was ignored before.


I don’t use the DAM in PL but use Photo Supreme for as one. I also use it for key wording and geotagging. I also don’t use the PL catalogue for anything but rely on dops. Indeed I often delete the catalogue’s. I keep just two years on the laptop and keep both up-to-date via Syncovery and have never had the problems of virtual copies some have had. The problem of DXO never dealing with the program being used on more than one PC.

Your subjection of moving with PL open may or not work but between two PC’s? I also don’t really have a catalogue. The idea of the W11 equivalent of the old DOS paths looks more promising!

I also think what I will do is copy the DCPs to a 2nd folder on the desk PC and install them on the new laptop at the same location. That will mean recreating the DOP links preset in PL. That will mean any processing on the laptop will be using the location on the desk PC. Adding a directory link or junction to the laptop will allow “old” dops to work if I open image’s on the laptop older than now. Its really a mixture of MS and DXO being pains. Just have to work out how!

Do you think just this or would the exact folder link would be needed, the ones I used all too long adgo gave a path to the folder or even program if you were linking which program would use an extention.
I ask this befor I have looked at the links you have given so sorry bif they make it clear

What I proposed but am not sure will work for your case (I don’t know how photolab accesses to dcp) allows access to a directory “B” when access to a directory “A” is requested.
So when you want to access (read or write in) folder “A”, the system access (so read or write) directory “B” instead of directory “A”.

This is used for instance to put parts of content of C:/user/xxx directory on an other drive because there are some softwares which can store hudge amount of datas in those directories and can clutter up C drive.

Or for any other things when directory choice is not given to user.

EDIT : or to have some software on several stations on a network working on the same directory, instead of directories on each stations.
Maybe this could be usefull to get only one photolab database shared between several stations on a network (depends on how photolab handles its database and refresh itself when database is modified). It could maybe work if only one instance of photolab is running at a time (on only one station at a time on the network).

You can do this two way : a directory link or a directory junction.
Difference between them is :

Quote from the first link I put :

Suppose that on a machine named Alice you were to put a junction point c:\myjp and a directory symbolic link c:\mysymlink, both pointing to c:\targetfolder.
While you’re using Alice you won’t notice much difference between them. But if you’re using another machine named Bob, then the junction point
\\Alice\c$\myjp will point to \\Alice\c$\targetfolder
but the symbolic link
\\Alice\c$\mysymlink will point to \\Bob\c$\targetfolder

You have to use command line whith mklink command and some parameters after it (which tell if you do a link or a junction, and tell which directories are concerned) to create this link or this junction depending your needs.

Read the second link I gave you (I have quoted here what’s interesting for you in the first one).
And you’ll can do search on mklink command if you need more explanation.


Thanks will speak to my son when I see him. No I dont know how PL handles DOPs. It creats shortcuts in the program when you add one the program Then when that is used adds the path to the DCP to the dop (I expext the catalogue as well). So if it will respext a diversion who knows
When I get the laptop and its set up I will find out if it work’s. There is a graphic program in the links you gave that looks more usfull for me. One thing is there is no folder to direct from as the user nane is wrong. It may be I have to creat a fake one to use?

just reading this … very spontaneous idea … can you ( your son ) setup a new user with the “right” name and sufficient rights … but don’t know if that is promising

It’s an idea I know if you chsne from an ms to local log on that keeps the original user stuff of first 5 letters of email. I will ask my son the other thing I am wintering is the idea of creating a false user folder with the right string of user/john/* or if w11 will throw a fit

NO as it conflicts with the same name as used by the users account folder. Ens=d of that pipe dream.

Testing this with new users on both stations on wich you install photolab and that you can delete after testing would be a safe idea.

Tried on desktop I am able to create a new folder in users, its not happy but it works. Also able to add the profiles to that folder. In the procressing/dop it shows up as
ColorRenderingDCPProfile = [[C:\Users\John1\Huelight profiles\Sony 6700\A6700 CF Natural V1.3.dcp]],

Compared to another one having the old path of

ColorRenderingDCPProfile = [[C:\Users\john\Huelight profiles\3_CF A6400 Medium V2.dcp]]

So it may well work