Customize the opening splash screen



Yes it is - and in multiple colors and ways.

Rather than continue on an endless discussion which eventually will fall under a “de gustibus” umbrella, could we focus on the original request of changing (or possibly suppressing) the splash screen image?

Personally, I would like that capability, regardless of the image being presented. I think, ignoring the reactions to the image, having that option would be a good enhancement.


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Is this topic a joke ?
Seriously ???

Does DxO team have nothing more important to do than this ?
Stunning …

I don’t like the color of the gift wrap so i sulk. What’s this kid request ?

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Yes, the fact that the splash-art? can’t be managed by the user - is a joke.

I wonder if you would be making such a big deal about this if you liked the image they used.



That’s a good argument for a manageable splash screen. Why make some of your customers less satisfied - unless you, for some reason, need to brand naked men with unhealthy skin and breath.

Don’t you think this is pure rubbish? – The question is if YOU like the pic or not, but nothing else.

Is the real question, can this condition the purchase of PL ?
I prefer that DxO has to apply itself his energy and his time to something more important and there are, than wasting time on this futility, but it is of course only my opinion.

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No, the problem is that I can’t avoid this ‘artistic’ expression by turning it off. If that was a choice, everybody who like this kind of art can keep it splashing, while customers with other preferences can turn it off. That must be the ideal solution for DxO - and their costumers.

Yes. We understood your point.

Who are ‘we’ - it still seems to be a problem for a number of participants.

replace we by I.
Don’t know if other have.