CRITICAL BUG IN PhotoLab 2: Missing sRGB ICC profile during export

So in the end there is no bug in PL2, right ?
(Or did I misunderstood the whole discussion).

I don’t believe that there is a bug. However, if you want a particular sRGB profile in the exported image you will have to choose the “Custom” option and point PhotoLab to the correct file in your system.
Regards, Joseph

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2 Months after the discussion here, I received a response from the support team.
They said that this PhotoLab 2 behavior is not the result of a bug, but rather a programmed algorithm. They proposed the same solution as the one discussed above.
However, this PhotoLab 2 behavior for me remains very insidious, not for us who participated in this discussion, but for every new user who uses export with an attachment of a sRGB profile. Neither the software nor the documentation to alert the photographer that the export will be without an attached profile.
It is crazy, here to discuss in the forum about adding a Soft proofing and the ProPhoto color space to a PhotoLab 2, and not to understand the problem with the missing profile when exporting in sRGB.

Regards, Koko


When you export there’s a checkbox to tick to embed the profile.

Same as it Nikon’s own software btw.

I do t see any wrong with this.
An export without even offering to select and embed a profile would be bad.

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In my version of the PhotoLab (the last one) there is no checkbox for this mark. And based on the response from the support team, I’m sure there is no such checkbox on any version. There is a “Remove EXIF data” checkbox that is different. The problem is not the presence of the sRGB tag in the EXIF data, but in the absence of the table itself that links a given value to a specific color.
The behavior of the software in selected exports in Adobe RGB and sRGB is different. I do not like this fact.

You are definitely right.
I totally mixed them up.

I meant the option to select the profile.

As Shot, apparently do not attach the Nikons AdobeRGB, but a generic Adobe RGB. So it’s not “As Shot” but close enough.
I’ve always selected my profiles specifically.

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Unbelievable. I kept getting messages about the missing ICC profile in JPG files. I was able to solve this by copying the NKsRGB.icm file and using that in the export, as is recommended her. It is unbelievable that DxO does not give any clues in this direction!

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