Costum Texture

Hello! Please add this option. It would improve our results immense. Many of the small avaible Textures are just ‘‘plastic’’. Its so obvious that its digital added. Please! Instead of creating the 1000th Preset that differs in an Grain Type, this would really be worth an Upgrade. For that i would be willing to pay, but not for few additional Presets.

…I’d also appreciate if custom textures could be added.

Custom textures should be usable with any size of texture file, which would probably also require new FP features on how to use the texture input (resize, tile, random rotate etc.)

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There is an old post by @Joanna on how to add your textures in PL2 - see How to add your own textures to DxO (FilmPack) [macOS] .
That was for Mac, on Windows look into the
“C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO FilmPack 7\Resources” directory.
The method probably requires some modifications to work in PL7, e.g. maybe you should also populate Textures\Previews. I was thinking of using some pixel editor but maybe one can still do it inside PL7?

It seems Textures/Framing/Defects were added just for fun, family photos, etc. PL is mainly a RAW developer. The rest should be done in graphics editor.

@Joanna 's approach will not work any more with current macOS versions and their security features…but we could use the watermark tool instead.

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Ah, that’s easy. Thank you.

watermark tool? can you explain please :=)

Oops, I didn’t notice that it is FilmPack section.
The ‘Instant Watermark’ tool is in PhotoLab.
See Edit pictures with the Customize tab – PhotoLab (


… available with FP in PhotoLab.

um…any reaction from the filmpack team? it shouldnt be hard to implement. please!

and how do you know the exact amount of prounoun-hours to code, test, document and release ? just curious

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just need an UI addition:the connection of input image+small preview. resizing texture is already possible. i mean: there were many months of waiting from filmpack 6 to 7-and all we got was couple of new presets and area editing.