Control-Point Shape, Direction, and Feathering

I would really like to be able to modify the shape, direction, and feathering of Control-Points.
Shape: Instead of being forced to strictly circular, I would like to make it into an oval.
Direction: If I have an oval, I would like to be able to rotate it so that goes in the direction I would like.
Feathering: I would like to control how short or long the drop-off is.

Ex - Custom Vignette:
Today, I can make a gradient vignette using a control point by setting luma and chromo sliders to 0 and inverting the mask. However, the only thing I can control is the size of the circle! If I want an oblong one, I have to add additional CP’s to make in the shape I want. With the above additions, I could make a custom shaped vignette with a single CP while also having the ability to control the transition.

That’s been a somewhat popular request in the past. Please see these older votable topics and note their arguments for and against the proposal:

Search results for ‘#dxo-photolab:feature-requests control point oval’ - DxO Forums

Hope that helps.