Comparison of output, PL6E complete vs Luminar Neo

Indeed, it is pretty good. Used it to clean up some very old digital images (20 years old!) that were all done as jpeg.

I also use it for the dng files I get when using my mobile (not going down that rabbit hole, there are enough posts on dng / dxo)

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Absolutely agree about images not looking right after the application of ON1 Nonoise from within ON1 Photo Raw 2023. I actually have a license for the most current version of Photo RAW. I have had licenses for ON1 since 2018 and although it is definitely improving from version to version, after 5 years of ownership it continues to disappoint me on too many levels. I have never be particularly happy with the usability and output compared to PhotoLab. Yes, it is more feature rich, but most of those additional features are not important to me and many can be accomplished using Photolab’s tool set albeit with a bit more effort. I don’t care for the interface, the feature bloat, the performance or the output. After playing with it on and off for months, I recently removed it from my computer. I had the same experience with my license for ON1 Photo RAW 2022 before uninstalling it. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson and will not upgrade again next year.



Agreed on all points. Topaz is the better choice for NR on RGB images. BTW Photo AI has gotten to be quite good and IMO the NR is better than the NR available in Denoise AI. They have made improvements in Photo AI that haven’t filtered through(yet?) to Denoise AI. Also good old HQ works as well as the also-rans(processors other than DxO, Topaz, or On1) best NR attempts, and works on RGB images that don’t need a lot of NR.

Incidentally Photo AI’s RAW NR model is about on par with DeepPRIME but the details are a bit mushy. However it does not even come close to DPXD especially at high ISO.