Colors washed out when converting to JPG. Color space help?

Hi, not sure if this is a general color space issue or a PhotoLab issue –

I have an R5 and shoot RAW in Adobe RGB. When I import photos into PhotoLab, they look amazing! I do my edits, then I save to jpg and convert to sRBG. The issue is, the jpg colors are SUPER washed out (desaturated + lower contrast) and look nothing like what DXO shows me on the raw file. I don’t remember having such an issue when I worked in Lightroom – at least not nearly to this extreme. Where am I going wrong? I did notice that “color renderings” seems to always be set to "generic renderings > Neutral color neutral tonality. Also I think this is unrelated but it always has trouble w my R5 + 24-105mm f4 combo… I have to manually set it because it can’t tell whether it’s that or the 24-105mm f4-7.1 instead.

Dear @cael007 / Drew

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Don’t know which OS and version of DXO you are using, but could you please share your export settings with us. Haven’t heard about what you described here

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Hello @cael007 ,

can you upload some RAW files on so we can have a look ?


I don’t think that’s right. RAW has no colour space so I think you mean that the in-camera JPEG that is embedded within the RAW file is in AdobeRGB.