Color readout won't go down to zero

All of a sudden, the Color Readout (or whatever you call the numbers under the Histogram) refuses to go down to zero, even when pixels are definitely black, as verified with a screen Color Picker.

The readout for any NEF file bottoms out at 9,9,9, as does any JPEG PhotoLab generates from any NEF file. A TIFF file generated from a NEF file bottoms out at 3,3,3. The black on a JPEG test chart registers as 2,2,2.

Did I hit some sort of global adjustment somewhere?

Using PhotoLab V2.3.0.

Hmmm, now on at least one photo it will go down to zero again. If there are settings that might make it do this, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll check back in if the problem recurs.


Well, actually when it’s totally black you can get the value 0,0,0 like this:

In your cases it was probably not really black.

Svetlana G.

No, when this occurs, no part of any image will give a readout lower than 9,9,9. Then when this behavior stops, the same variants, with all the same settings, will go down to 0,0,0. I can’t find a pattern for when this behavior starts or stops. Restarting doesn’t change it. It just changes at random times while using PL. Lately it seems to happen about 10% of the time. It typically stays on for something like half an hour and then stays off for several hours.

This is using the most recent trial version, if that might make a difference.