Changing of colors

I think it has something to do with led lights.
Capture One is doing the same thing and Lightroom is changing color from white to green when I zoom in.
All three screenshots below are at 50% magnification and ‘Camera standard’ profile.

‘’… When I open that picture it’s shown first in the right colors, then the program does some calculations and changes the color… ‘’
I see exactly the same thing as you … first white and after a few seconds red.

I don’t have LR or Capture One.
What happens when viewing at 100%. If it changes, does it change suddenly or proportional.
What happens when exporting the image to jpg and tif.


Your different colors could be explained by a different color temperature/tint.
Capture One 5045 -1
PhotoLab 5096 -8
LR 5100 +4
PL 5096 -8
I hope I did read it good.

I would not bother too much with this led sign. Just use local adjustments in Photolab and tweek this sign to your leaking.


as you already may know we don’t apply all correction when zoom is lower than 70%. Saturation management is part of it, when zoom is like 25% display of image is simplified for a problem of performance and then complex saturated part of image (when area is not homogenous like her for example) are not correct but when you zoom in you will get same display as exported image.


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In the exported images everything is ok. That was not the problem.
It’s not only that border of 70%, it’s a range of 25-70%. Under 25 everything is ok again.
When I see how the image is builded from the delay it’s not something that is not added but more something that is added.
I was aware that sharpness should be reviewed at 100%, or above 70% but I wasn’t aware that this also did count for colors. That would mean that the advise to use local adjustments would be wrong.
Playing with the color sliders at 80% doesn’t give me the colors that I see at 50%, not even near.
It must be something else, and that something is only in PL.


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Hi George,
that’s strange…I thought so too that only tools like Prime, sharpness e.g. need to be shown with 70 or 75 percent…but colours??? :face_with_head_bandage:

Perhaps because PhotoLab initially displays the embedded JPEG in the RAW file until all initial processing is done. Note that “no correction” doesn’t mean you will see an unprocessed RAW. There is always demosaicing, white balance, color rendering, and scaling to the zoom factor as Marie described.

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‘’ … as you already may know we don’t apply all correction when zoom is lower than 70%. Saturation management is part of it, when zoom is like 25% display of image is simplified for a problem of performance and then complex saturated part of image … ‘’

When the image in Photolab is ‘’fit on screen’’ you say I don’t see accurate colors and saturation?
Is this some kind of a joke?

George … yes, I can confirm …. only in PL.

One reason extra to have a “proof of concept” preview button. (fully rendered image but not exported to fill up a diskspace.)

I just started a trail bases of FRV (it just reads raw) and thought only as a culling type of system with edges/detail (i would be like to be able to define this detection visualisation) test and high/ low exposure tresholds. But now it also is interesting to test strange behaviour when processing. Colorchangings.

In PL are crossed eye’s on tools to tell you that it’s only visible in a certain circumstances, maybe the on/off slider needs to be changing color when it kicks in.
From orange to white if it’s active ánd rendered in the preview image. (zoom action will then around 70% switch that color to white. So we users know when something isn’t fully rendered displayed.

I own CaptureNx2 from Nikon. It saves the edit list and a full resolution high quality jpg in the raw file. So I edited an image to black and white. When opened in PL the thumbnail is in color. When opening that image I first see the black and white image, then the color one. But only once. Even shutting down PL and opening it again doesn’t show me a black and white image any more.
Closing PL, deleting the database and opening PL again did show me that black and white image again for a short moment. It looks like PL is making a copy and is using that the next time.


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Hi. In fact highlight management should work properly at every zoom level, and it’s obvisouly not the case here. I’ve just added a task in backlog to investigate this unexpected behavior. I suspect it only happens with very brights and rapidly changing color areas.

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How much programming time cost it go create a color as i described above for zoomlevel depending tools / processes?(the crossed eye labeled?)

This is interesting. I just tested, and found that with the zoom level for George’s image below 75%, a large number of sliders when selected, moved, and held, change the color from pink to white until they are released. These included Temperature, Tint, Exposure Comp, all the Selective tone sliders, Clearview Plus, Contrast (but not any of the other contrast sliders),Vibrancy, Saturation, HSL saturation, and the intensity sliders of the Color Rendering panel. As soon as I released the mouse button for any of these sliders the color returns to pink. I don’t know if this is observation is useful.


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Hey Mark try turning on the shadows out of bounds “half moon” indicator. That turns it white too.


I just started on another pc and tried if it was the same there. No problem there.
The win10 gave me the problem but it has also Opcl disabled. On the 8.1 pc Opencl was abled.


Just switched Opencl of on the 8.1 pc. There’s the problem again.
Can you tell on what it depends if I can switch Opencl on? I can’t on the win10 pc.


I can’t undo it anymore!!!