Change request: Fix non-standard keyboard shortcuts introduced with changes to the ReTouch tool

The ReTouch tool in PLv6 introduces the following new keyboard contortions !

image - versus [Ctrl+MouseScroll] & [Shift+MouseScroll] in PLv5

These new keyboard/mouse actions are physically awkward to execute, but - even if usage-experience can get us over that hurdle - it’s worse still in that they’re not consistent with shortcuts to adjust Size & Feathering elsewhere within PhotoLab.

For example;

  • Local Adjustments Brush & Auto-Mask tools… use [Ctrl+MouseScroll] to adjust Size
  • RWB & HSL color pickers … use [Ctrl+MouseScroll] to adjust picker radius/size
  • Local Adjustments Brush tool… uses [Shift+MouseScroll] to adjust Feathering.

Please reinstate consistent usage of shortcuts in the re-touched(!) ReTouch tool …

  • This would provide application-wide consistency and, thereby, a more ‘user-friendly’ UI.

Alternatively, the original shortcuts should be available as well - to avoid inconsistency and UI confusion.

John M

One thing to consider: Many users work with touch pads instead of mice. The new h/v drag has touch pad style…

But it is not consistent with other tools and it is yet another (long) combination to have to remember.

And can you name another app that uses a right-click mouse drag? This really is an unusual finger gymnastics move.

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I continue to believe that allowing custom shortcuts like many video games do is the answer to all these complaints. Such a feature request exists here.

The PL5 way is logical and consistent with the rest of the world. macOS included.
The PL6 way is off the world. Not only this world. :slight_smile:


John, I totally agree with you! I was very disappointed when I tried to change the brush size as usual and it didn’t work.
I am also bothered by the display of parts of the image that are too bright and too dark. With CTRL-W and CTRL-B it was easy and logical. The new shortcuts along with the ALT key are bad, because shortcuts with CTRL and ALT in Windows are designed by default for launching programs and are used by many people.
Unfortunately, you cannot change the keyboard shortcuts yourself. I could think of many more cases.

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Windows user here :slight_smile:

with Local Adjustments active

  • I can zoom in & out with the mouse scroll wheel
  • and adjust the size of the ‘preset’ brush with Strg/Crtl + mouse scroll
    (‘preset’ = Feathering, Flow & Opacity)

but with Retouch active

  • Strg/Crtl + mouse scroll enables the zoom function
    instead of leaving this to mouse scroll only

So, please change the latter one – and everything is as people were used to.
That way we get Strg/Crtl + mouse scroll for brush size, while keeping the additions.


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Hey guys(and gal), I agree with you and I’ll vote for it but I don’t think that they will change it. They could have changed it in beta, but didn’t. I haven’t seen one new-user complaint about the “inconsistency” yet. It’s not so bad or hard to remember after you get used to it. :smiley:

But, of course, the Mac shortcuts are different…

Capture d’écran 2022-10-29 à 15.11.06

It is very unusual to use the Ctrl key on a Mac, especially in combination with the Option key. Cmd is usually the goto choice.

Even if I accept that foolishness, then, at least, DxO should stop the brush changing size whenever I either press or release the left mouse button.

Then there’s the fact that Ctrl-Option-Scroll rather than Ctrl-Option-slide is the undocumented shortcut for changing the opacity. The undocumented shortcut in PL5 is Ctrl-Shift-Scroll.

Maybe new users, or even old users couldn’t find or use the shortcuts and simply used the sliders?

In Windows there is no such thing to change the opacity, only with the mouse / pen.

Yes, that would be the ideal solution.

@Egregius / Greg; you omitted to include the link …

Ahh - that may explain the reason for the (otherwise, inexplicable !) change in behaviour.
If that’s the case, tho, then why not have both sets of shortcuts (?) - that would be a win-win.

John M

You’re probably right, Mark … but I reckon it’s worth trying for standardisation improvements.
(I was pleasantly surprised when my suggestion for better listing-order for filters was adopted).

It’s more the inconsistency thing that bothers me - - This change came out of nowhere, and with no explanation/justification given … Strange !


I’ve just done some double checking and found that my idea of the opacity shortcut in PL5 was wrong - there isn’t one, same as Windows

However, on a Mac, I really don’t know why DxO decided to opt for the very unconventional combination of using the left mouse button slide to adjust a setting.

The normal metaphor for sliding the mouse is to move something. As has been established in other tools in PL, adjusting is done by scrolling with the mouse wheel, sometimes combined with a modifier key.

With PL6 Mac, Cmd-scroll duplicates Alt-scroll, which zooms the image - so this combination is still available for adjusting the size of the brush without any fear of conflict.

Shift-scroll does absolutely nothing, so can equally well be used to change the feathering of the brush.

Cmd-Option-scroll however is the shortcut for changing opacity and, unlike Ctrl-Option-slide, it doesn’t change the brush size when pressing or releasing the left mouse button.

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THANK YOU !!! - to all of you who voted for this fix … It was delivered with PLv6.3

Thanks are due to DxO too :+1: