CEP and LR

I am using Mac Pro with Catalina (current version) and Lr CC to edit in CEF. When preparing to edit, Lr converts photo to a tiff file then sends it on to CEF. For one very brief second I can see a splash screen of some type the CES opens without a photo showing up. I am unable to quit the program or use any of the functions. I have to force quit then go back to Lr and try again and all works as it should. Very frustrating and irritating to have to do it this way. Anyone else have the same problem and are there any fixes in the works? As far as I can tell, my Nik collection is up to date.
Thanks for any help or advice,

@Slow_pez, I get the same issue, but my iMac has Mojave. I had fixed the behaviour by manually launching (and quitting) the niks. I usually start and quit dxo software after an update a few times before using it because I found that it helps run the sw more smoothly afterwards.

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Thanks platypus, do you mean that it will eventually stop the behavior? I have started and stopped the components several times already over the last week or more and, after shutting down my computer, I have to do it all over again. What a pain.


It looks like this effect has vanished with the latest hotfix,
see here: “New version of Nik Collection” message

Yep, it fixed it for me.