Can't read the labels

I saw this issue back in 2021. I wonder why we are still putting up with very low contrast Tools labels. Is anyone listening to customers on this very easily corrected issue? Just make it a Preference. All the other programs I’ve used are easy to read (i.e. LR). Anyone know why DXO is bucking the trend on customers actually being able to read the words in the program without having to rubberneck to 12" from the screen? I’ll make a Feature Request but it hasn’t helped the others who have suggested this. I have to wonder why it was created like this in the first place.


You can add your vote and comments to existing feature requests, Terry. That might save work and get an issue more attention. Best wishes.

Which tool labels do you find troublesome? I haven’t noticed any.

Based on previous conversations, contrast seems to be an issue only for some users on the Mac version. I have no contrast issues with the Windows version and I am not aware of other Windows users complaining about it. Based on the number of complaints I have seen, I don’t understand why DxO has not addressed this ongoing issue.


Thanks for your responses, everyone. I am on a Mac. I’ll look for the voting option. I didn’t see that. I just put in a request. I’ll look for it.


Find one here: