Canon files are dark

Last september I was told by DXO PURE RAW that a fix would be released for the treatment of Canon files that are dark when using the D+ option on the eos r5 camera.
This fix has never been released up to now.
Where are you DXO pure raw on this???

a bit off-topic :: as far as I recall ( I might be wrong - I am at work, can’t check with the raw file in hand ) when using this option Canon camera firmware writes a nominal ISO that you can see as selected by you or the camera (like in auto-ISO )in .CR3 but actually exposes a stop less than otherwise 'd be the case … as PoorRaw in general aimed to be a preprocessor ( baking demosaick/NR/optical corrections into linear DNG ) for a proper raw converter like ACR/LR why don’t you push the brightness over there ? unless your PoorRaw use case is totally different

How much compensation do you need to make the images look right?

Tested a few CR3 files with PureRAW and found that the RAW files display just about 0.2 EV darker than DPR’s output JPEG files developed with default values.

If possible, it could help to share a CR3 file or two on a sharing platform like

The point here is about the fix announced for november by pure raw itself and never released.

I checked my notes at home : that option leaves metering intact, but internal gain applied before writing raw data is a stop less … so less chance to clip in raw channels

if you take for example CR3 from R5 @ nominal ISO400 then DxO PhotoLab 7.3 ( assuming PoorRaw follows it ) will write linear DNG with 0xc62a BaselineExposure : 0.39 – but Adobe DNG converter will write DNG with 0xc62a BaselineExposure : 1.61 … so once you bring both DNGs into converter that respects DNG specs and tags then linear DNG from DxO will get brightness push by 1.61 - 0.39 = 1.22 “stops” less than DNG from Adobe DNG converter … in ACR/LR original CR3 also will be pushed brightness-wise behind the scenes by 1.22 “stops” more than linear DNG from DxO

PS:somewhere between first v7 and current v7.3 DxO came to some senses and started to write adobe compliant (mostly) 0xc62a BaselineExposure tag values… earlier versions of DxO will write for example 0xc62a BaselineExposure = -0.06 instead of 0xc62a BaselineExposure : 0.39 … but I bet DxO did not bother to disclose that in release notes… as usual … one might wonder what other wonders happened under the “Minor bug fixes and improvements” wording

for the record that was the situation with original v7 ( Adobe values are w/o Highlight Tone Priority settings used in Canon R5 )