Cannot select a comparison photo in photo library full screen mode

I am trying to compare a jpg with a developed raw exported as a tif. I can open either from the photo library in full screen. The instructions say I should be able to click the arrow on the right of the bottom toolbar and select another photo to compare with. However, it only offers me corrections comparisons.

Hi – and welcome to this User Forum.

I made a Virtual Copy (VC1), gave it a blue tint and exported as “…_blue”

In Customize

as well in Full Screen mode

you then choose the exported output file.
( But you cannot compare with the parallel taken OOC JPG. )

note – I’m on Windows


I followed your instructions and I can compare virtual images with their master, but I was interested in comparing the JPG to the developed RAW. It surprises me that you cannot just compare two files.
Thanks for your help though.
I am on windows too.

You can compare the JPEG to the RAW, provided the JPEG was exported from the RAW.

Note the little checkmark on the RAW image, which indicates it has been exported, and the presence of the JPEG in the comparison choice menu.