Bug distortion correction not applied on export to lightroom

Somewhere dxo decided that having access to every last pixel was more important.

What happened is that there always was an option enabled that fixed the black borders when applying distortion correction . Even when ‘only optical and denoise’ is selected in the dng export.

Somewhere in the kast upgrades , that checkbox is now set to DISABLED when you apply the ‘corrections only’ preset.

So, when you pick ‘optical and denoise only’ for dng export , crop is AND WAS never applied .

But distortion correction IS, you just need to enable the checkbox in distortion module that says 'constrain to image ’ to get the old behaviour back

So far as I can tell, there is no bug, just default behaviour that changed with a minor upgrade (which can be just as annoying (.

Yes - - - Or, you could leave it as it is and apply an appropriate crop later, with whatever tool it is that you use to fine-tune your DNG.

To be frank since I have an A1 and lightroom has a denoise button the value of photolab has dropped significantly
When I enable distortion correction and keep aspect ratio I get exactly the same of adobe lens profile so may as well skip photolab
With micro four thirds and embedded lens correction it was useful but with the A1 is not
Still believe changing the default is stupid