Blackmagic raw?

Hi, has there been any call or ask for supporting Blackmagic raw formats?

I’m curious about support for raw images from their still cameras or (ideally!) as raw frame extracts from their Ursa pro video cameras?

I have a client who is pushing me to use more of my BlackMagic gear on their shoots. I already use Davinci Pro for video but seeing as how my favorite raw processor is DxO, I though I’d ask here…


DxO doesn’t handle / has never handled any sort of video format. I can’t see that situation ever changing.

Also, given that there are a l far more common cameras that remain unsupported, e.g. recent iPhones, Blackmagic still cameras are going to be well down the list of priorities.

But I don’t work for DxO so I maybe completely wrong.

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The ask was for support of raw frame stills captured from the video stream (422 prores at 12k).

Not the video itself.

My point remains the same. Given that PL doesn’t support image files from far more common cameras, e.g. recent iPhones, the chances of anything from Blackmagic ever getting close to the top of DxO’s ‘to do’ list is slim to negligible.

You can of course still submit your desire as a feature request vis this part of this forum:

If you do that, don’t forget to vote for your own suggestion.

…or directly propose a module at the lower end of this page:

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