Behringer x touch

est ce que l’un ou l’une d’entre vous utilise un behringer x touch avec dxo et via quel logiciel afin de partager son expérience merci

hello do one of you use a behringer x touch with dxo and via which software to share your experience thank you

Hello, no, I try to make the little Loupedeck Live work. Incredibly complicated…

Bome Midi translator Pro will interpret DXO keyboard shortcuts and communicate with a midi. Problem is that DXO doesn’t have many keyboard shortcuts for slider controls etc.

Neither has Capture One, but for that app there is a profile available from Loupedeck, so in some way it should be possible. I wish I could say more, Loupedeck support isn’t exactly fast.

Actually C1 has keyboard shortcuts for virtually all controls including Levels.

Thanks for clarification.

And fully configurable with their Speed Edit function.
To try it, it is very easy to parameterize and saves a lot of time in treatment, DXO should be inspired.

Now you inspired me… :thinking:

For C1, don’t need additional material, right ?

well, I’d be happier if I could edit the given profile (or a copy) of C1. I managed to put some shortcuts into the Loupedeck into a DxO workspace I had to create first.

But you’re right, as long as the main tools have no shortcuts, this Midi controller is of more use in Capture One.

Unfortunately the shortcuts in PL manual are less complete than the ones in the help menu “shortcuts”… hmmm, somebody in DxO’s manual department might be kind enough to fix this. But nonetheless, certain shortcuts are not working as I hoped.

peut être que dxo va prendre en charge nos doléances ,car les bases de ce logiciel sont prometteuses , et le faire evoluer au niveau de capture 1 serait un plus made in France

maybe dxo will take care of our grievances, because the bases of this software are promising, and making it evolve to capture level 1 would be a plus made in France

Well, the Loupedeck (Finland) LIVE device is made in China. I can’t recommend the product and am in touch with somebody at Loupedeck to return it.

15 touchkeys, 6 knobs being also an additonal key (like “reset changes”). 8 buttons to switch something related to the app or to Loupedeck. Hardware looks solid, no weak plastic box.

Horrible manuals, of 26 possible manuals only 3 are in another language than English. Can’t say about French… There’s no easy way to understand the concept or to get some help of how to use touchscreen-buttons.
There’s a Capture One menu (actually, 2 different ones) without any other language than English. My apps all are running in German, so I don’t see the time-saving effects in general. I might look into tangent devices, but these are in a different price grade. And Loupedeck uses a CE logo - but is not capable to deliver all necessary manuals in the languages of the EU. To me at this price a No-Go.

Anyway, Loupedeck LIVE is more targeted to a clientel to stream video content. I didn’t like the big Loupedeck versions as my desk is limited in space and I use a tablet as well. The small one could have been a good idea, unfortuantely Louepdck makes it hard to understand the usability concept. And DxO also doesn’t offer enough shortcuts.