Beginner newbie questions alert - PL4

Hello! Just starting with PL4. Bunch of super dumb questions no doubt but have looked for a comprehensive users manual but not really finding the answers I need…

The “DxO Module” which corrects for specific camera/lens…I have downloaded the module from inside the PL4 but then what? The instructions for PL2 (which is all I could find) say something about click button in bottom left corner to activate? But I don’t see any button ? Am I right in guessing that module just runs automatically in background? Is there a way to turn it off? Or am I misunderstanding?

And what about export sizing. I am used (in Lightroom) to do resizing of RAW files (that are going to be printed big) at the export stage. But PL4 seems to give limited options in this regard?

Thanks so much

If you downloaded the optics modules and got a message that they were successfully installed, you are good to do. You can turn them off using the no correction preset or by deselecting the distortion panel. You can also delete the optics module if you wish.


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Hi Neil, welcome to the forum.

You can find the online manual from inside PhotoLab. Look in the Help menu.

The module can correct several things that are activated (or not) depending on the preset you used. The DxO Standard preset switches on the corrections. You can find them in the tools that are located right of the preview in customize view.

Active tools can be identified by a switch that is located at the upper lefthand corner of the tool. Several tools are grouped in palettes.

As for sizing on export: please tell us what you want to do, this will help us give you the appropriate answers.

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Hi, thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Always a learning curve with new software.

With regards sizing of file at ‘export to disk’ stage…as far as I know, the recommendation in Lightroom has always been that, if you know that the file is intended to be printed big (like double the size of its native resolution), then best to do that massive resize (interpolation) at the ‘export from Lightroom’ stage. But PhotoLab appears to have fairly limited options in this regard. What is the general consensuses? Better to do the interpolation resizing on the raw file or later in PS (or a resizing app)?

thanks again for the helpful responses!

Generally it is a good idea to not resize any image until the end of the whole editing process, so if you are using PL (or Lightroom etc) simply export ‘as is’ to your pixel editor of choice such as Affinity or Photoshop, do whatever you need to in them, then export in the preferred manner for the intended use.

The advantage is you preserve more data for your pixel editor by not resizing, and when you export from there, you keep the original tiff file while producing a copy jpg of the correct size and dpi for your intended use, while keeping you options open to produce a different sized jpg at a later date from the original tiff file.

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@NeilPrintArt , printing is not a strong part of PhotoLab yet. If you’ve been printing for a while and are happy with the results you get with your process, why change?

A few threads deal with printing (search the forum) and it might be worth while to read through those threads. Alternatively, you might need to test what you get with your gear, using different approaches in order to find the procedure that best fits your requirements.

Thanks everyone!

@platypus not planning on using PL for any printing, I have a fairly solid print environment, was more interested in the question of when to resize. The correct answer of course is to test and experiment and see what works best for me. Appreciate the feedback!

Hi @NeilPrintArt,
in PL4.2 there are new options for export size (in Windows finally also with Export to Nik Collection).

have fun, Wolfgang

Thanks @Wolfgang will check it out!