Batch Rename & Photo download from sd/cf card

Is it possible to get a batch rename function added? Renaming outside of DXO with sidecar files, DXO looses track of the side cars even if they are the same name.

A Camera download/import function would be nice.


Shrey, I’d suggest you download, choose your selects and rename your files before bringing them into DxO Photo Lab. You can also do any renaming on the other side (that’s what I do). I only rename (Event-Date-Time) and keyword finished jpegs/tiffs after processing and export from DxO Photo Lab. There’s no sense in doing a bunch of busy work for huge numbers of rejects.

If you are someone who needs keywording and exact file names for files which won’t be processed, I’d suggest doing that on ingestion. There are lots of dedicated ingestion and selection tools. PhotoMechanic (good reputation among sport shooters but expensive) and FastRawViewer (just $15) are two which I’ve tried and know they work. I use FastRawViewer. Other people have had success with simple Adobe Bridge.

There’s an in-depth discussion of DAM-related issues here.

As long as you do your renaming before or after DxO Photo Lab, you avoid any issues with .dpo links (which is a big issue as you point out).

Thanks. I already do my culling and renaming outside of DXO using On1, but it would be nice to have that option within DXO, as I frequently do further culling as I process through DXO. I really should be more thorough in culling in On1 and that would solve my issue.

Would you rather they worked on that instead of updating and improving core functionality? Its a small development team. They have to make choices on what they will update and what will go on what is probably a very long backlog . My feeling is that they should focus 100% of their resources on core functionality at this time . There have been plenty of nice to have suggestions, but giving us the best raw conversions is the main reason for using DXO PhotoLab, not file management.



FYI: One needs to be very careful and cautious when renaming sidecar and/or image files from outside of PL … the reason being that;

  • PL is continually monitoring for new images in the current folder - and it will see an image as being “new” if it has been renamed;
  • PL will export to a sidecar if it determines that one does not exist for an existing image - which is exactly what PL will decide if a sidecar has been renamed.

Also, there are very few file-management tools that will actually carry out file-renaming in the order that you expect them to … even if you have been scrupulous in ensuring that renames are correctly defined.

For example;

  • you might rename a single pair of image+sidecar files … and ought to work just fine.
  • however, the more pairs (of image+sidecar) files that you attempt to rename at the same time, the more chance there is for something to go wrong !

The reason for this being that many file-management tools will act on the files you have selected in the order they find them in the (unsorted) folder index, rather than in sorted filename order - which might mean that a whole bunch of, say, image files are renamed BEFORE their associated sidecar files are renamed (or vice versa) … so, PL will determine that image(s) exists without a sidecar file, and it will export a sidecar file to match --> and all your corrections are now lost !

The safest approach is to never rename image+sidecar files whilst PL is running - and, even then, great care is needed to ensure that the filename convention used by PL is retained = imagename.RAW and imagename.RAW.dop (where RAW = your RAW-type).

Regards, John M


… and yet no John, this is what I doing with a third software :wink:


3 propositions en ce sens …

J’utilise XnView qui fait cela bien, mais une intégration dans PL2 …