Auto Mask: More "auto" please, such as automatically recognizing the clicked motif and marking it

What is “Auto” about the Auto Mask Tool? Not very much apart from a slight snap function, which also doesn’t always work very reliably.
I would like to have the option of clicking on the desired motif and the AI in the “Auto Mask Tool” automatically draws a kind of rubber band around it, which you can then correct a little.
For birds and other subjects with many colors, other mask creation options in the Local Adjustments are not very effective. The most accurate and quickest way is to use the auto mask.

Unfortunately, “Auto Mask” generally does not work in a reasonable way at all. :frowning:
Also see Shortcut to observe the actual auto-mask?
(and the links provided in that thread).

Being able to automatically recognize a clicked “object” is even harder to implement. While it might be nice to have such a feature sometimes in the future, IMHO it’s far more urgent to finally fix “Auto Mask” at all.

Meanwhile it’s four years (!) since the fix has been promised to come “soon”. :frowning:

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Thank you for the links. I think I have not seen these discussions before. Maybe some of these points already have been fixed. I like the automask tool and it’s one of my most used tools, especially because I’m photographing a lot of animals like birds with many different colors in it’s surface. So all other masks are not as useful.
But if you have 800+ images to work with and each of them needs a mask you feel the pain in your arm, shoulder and neck after ending your work. So a better way of masking the wanted objects would be helpful.
But I’m going to try out some of the tips and tricks in the above links. Maybe it helps a little.
I hope that more than three people will vote for my wish.

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