Are dop files the same on pc and mac

Hi, I’m thinking of switching from pc to mac and I own DPL6.
If I make the switch will I be able to see all my edits on raw files on the mac laptop?

Due to feature differences, sidecar entries can differ, but should be ignored by the importer for all features that only exist in the exporter. Please note that sidecars are not backwards compatible. It’s therefore best to install a current version of DPL on Mac, while on Win, an older version can be left as is.

The databases are quite different and I very much doubt that one can e.g. restore a (DPL on Mac DB) from a (DPL on Win DB).

Addendum: a few feature labels and values have been changed in the sidecars between versions like for orientation and rating, but a current DPL should be able to handle such cases.

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Not entirely. I have hundreds of images that started to be displayed with the wrong orientation with PL5, because it insists on reading rotation from xmp files instead of from the dop and seemingly gets that interpretation wrong. Remove the xmp and there’s no problem, and you would think PL would always prefer the dop, but no.

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The official line is that PL databases are not transferable between any two machines even on the same platform, the argument being that the drive mapping in the database wouldn’t match.

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I use both platforms and, in my experience, edits (in the form of dop files) render fine on both regardless of where you edit, as long as you don’t use DCP profiles.

If you choose a DCP profile in Color Rendering then the dop isn’t portable since the absolute path of the profile is written into the dop, which makes it potentially not portable even across individual hosts. On Mac the image will open with another rendering (I think it is), on Windows you get an error. Or the other way around, can’t recall offhand. You have to edit the dop to get around the error.

There are some quirks that can make moving back and forth painful, in case you’re thinking of that. Here are two that come to mind:

  • PL on Windows automatically creates virtual copies when it sees dop files that have been modified by something other than itself. (Eg. PL on Mac.) This is documented, but PL on Mac doesn’t behave like this. That means if you edit on Mac and then move to Windows you either need to start PL with an empty database (and lose anything that resides only in the database) or clean up all of these virtual copies (that you probably don’t want every time you move from Mac to Windows) manually.
  • PL6 on Windows will enable soft proofing for any image that was edited by PL6 on Mac with the default soft proofing disabled.

The DCP behaviour is particularly irritating since it’s seemingly been like this since the functionality was introduced in PL2, through five major releases now.

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Thank you for your answer what does DCP stand for please?

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Thank you all for everything very much

Are DCP Profiles are an option in DPL6 menus or is it a seperate app?

Have you checked what the manual says about DCP?

Does DCP exist in DPL6 menu’s ?
And what does DCP stand for?

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@platypus yes now I understand thanks :blush:

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