Apple ProRAW support?

Yes it is - Affinity has a lot of functionality similar to Photoshop. I find it easier to use and particularly like that it is reasonably priced, no subscription, just buy and keep.
Serif are offering a 30-day free trial on v2: Affinity Store Checkout

I know that there are other third party apps out there that can handle Apple stuff. Heck, even a cheap app like Photomator can handle them. The point is that we paid lots of money on THIS app to process RAW photos and we expect support for popular devices like iPhones. Sounds to me like DxO has beef with Apple and it is sticking it to them by taking it out on us – the customer. I mean, almost every other person and their uncle has an iPhone/iPad. I don’t see any other explanation for DxO’s lack of support for one of the most popular camera (if not the most?) on the planet.

That’s been rumoured for a while and there may be some truth in it - but to be fair it’s not beyond possibility that Apple being Apple have put weird ingredients into their RAW recipe and don’t share nicely with the other kids in the playground. It certainly appears that some proprietary Apple algorithms are applied to Apple ProRAW so it is not a truly ‘standard’ DNG format. If it was, it could be processed in any RAW editor (other than DxO of course!) without having to compensate for exposure extremes, etc.
The thread Support for Apple iPhone 12, 13 Pro, Pro Max files - #25 by ralfieri
alone shows 5.9k views - compared to maybe a few hundred for other popular topics - which says it all ito the need for Apple and DxO to address this customer concern. TBH I don’t see Apple giving a monkey’s, but I know a few people who are holding back on either buying or upgrading DxO because of the lack of support for iOS.

Well it’s too bad that I had just upgraded from PL 6 Elite and Filmpack 6 to 7. Going forward, I plan to use my iPhone cameras as a part of my workflow. This means that this might be the last year cycle I will be using/upgrading and move on to something else, which is a shame.

Adobe Lightroom as well as CaptureOne are able to handle Apple ProRAW. Seemingly they apply a dedicated profile to compensate for the masking Apple applies in the tone curve. Works well from my experience.

As already mentioned on several posts about this topic “Apple ProRaw” as a name is somehow misleading.
The files are not “raw” files but highly processed files. I am not sure if DXO - with the mission to be one of the best raw-converters will actually enter that space but we will see

Fully agree. ON1 also provides support in addition to Lightroom and Capture One. With DXO apparently being the lone hold out, I think they are providing a great disservice to their numerous loyal customers who are begging for this. I for one, will no longer upgrade.

I would love to hear from them on this point. Do they ever connect with the DXO community??