Apple M1 Native? Why Not?

I upgraded to V5 and see that Silver Efex Pro and Vivenza are still Intel apps. I keep paying for upgrades – so where are the NATIVE apps?


Just arrived for PhotoLab 5. I would guess it will come eventually but these things take time and M1 is still relatively new.

If you check the Nik apps, you’ll find that the ones with an overhaul are still Intel apps, while “the old stuff” has been issued as Universal apps. It’s what it is - and it feels strange to me.

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I agree. We’re paying a premium every year for upgrades and the M1 chipset has been out for almost a year. First, they deliver a Native app (Color efex Pro) in the last upgrade, now it’s disappeared, with no new Native versions available. It’s either pick the new interface or a Native app. Unacceptable for the price we’re paying.


When are you going to update these NIK apps for Apple Silicon (M…)?

This is critical to the future of these filters!

It will not be long for most Apple based Photographers to switch over to the M series computers. I have not been able to use any of the filters since I got my Mac Studio and it is very frustrating. This change has been know for years and DXO has not been ready.

I have been a big fan of the NIX filters and have used them since they were created by Nikon.

Remember that you are a steward of these technologies and you are on a path to kill them!

Please fix them ASAP before we all learn to live without them!


Ditto. I’m getting tired of paying money for upgrades (especially the latest one) and not having code that’s keeping up with the latest Apple hardware. This is supposed to be a collection of software for professional use and yet it’s not supporting the latest software (M1 chipset, for example) that more professionals are using. Get with it, DxO!

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