AMD processor

Will the new amd processor Ryzen 7 5700G support deep prime? I would like to build a really small form factor computer and not have to get a discreete gpu.

You can run DeepPRIME without a dedicated GPU - it will just run more slowly.

Thanks. So deep prime will not utilize the built in gpu provided in the processor (vega graphics) am I correct?

I don’t have the answer to that question. The only benchmarks I’ve seen suggest to me that it will be slower.

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I have an AMD Ryzen 7 4750G which has an Vega 8 APU and it works fine.
It is marked with a star in PL4, which means partially supported.
When I enable OpenCL I get the warning this might be slower than my CPU.
However, this is not true for this CPU and APU. The Vega 8 APU is 3 times faster than the Ryzen 7 CPU.

With XMP profile enabled in BIOS, my RAM Speed is 3200MHz.
In Deep Prime this gives a processing speed of 1Megapix/s.
(Processing a 20 Megapixel Olympus ORF file needs 20 seconds)
With everything at default in the BIOS the RAM uses the JEDEC RAM speed of 2133 MHz.
This is not slow either it processes 20 Mpix in 22s.
With CPU only it needs 60s to process a 20 MPix File.

In PL4 the APU/GPU must be enabled manually. It is not automatically enabled.

So I believe this newer CPU might work a little bit better or equal, because it has the same APU and because Deep Prime performance almost only depends from APU or GPU when enabled.

Compare this for the Ryzen 7 4750G, Vega 8 result of user “PowerSlam” in this spreadsheet: , my results are almost equal.


Peter thanks so much for the information. Time to empty the bank account and build a new computer. I assume I should go for the fasted memory supported by the motherboard.

RAM speed matters but does not scale proportionally.
I think the best price/performance ratio is at 3200 MHz.
3600MHz is only a little bit better and a little bit more expensive.
4000MHz is much more expensive an not worth it , says my wallet ;-).
BTW, if I enable “extreme” mode for the APU I get 19s for a 20 Mpix image.
This can be measured but without measuring it is barely noticeable without measuring.
If a chunk of data is in the cache, only cache speed and CPU/APU speed matters, I think this explains it.
I choose 32 GB RAM, because I have not only PL4 open but also Faststone Image browser and Affinity Photo, browser and email and sometimes other programs. The APU uses at least 0,5 GB of RAM so my preference was to get a little bit more rather than getting extremely fast and expensive RAM.