Allow change to histogram & Tone curve backgrounds

Its difficult to see the histogram with blue channel selected, because the cobtrast with the grey background is poor. Ditto for the tone curve tool, with blue channel selected, its very difficult to see the anchor to drag the curve because its blue on grey.
If it were possible to change the background in these tools, or not have the channel/tone control coloured, it would improve the usability of PL.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your feedback!
I’m with you 100%.

Just one question: which version of PL do you use (v.3?) and on which platform (mac or windows)?


Thanks! Version 3.3 on windows mostly, but I also use it on my Macbook sometimes

Why not to underlay a histogram in the tone curve tool, e.g. to quickly adjust black and white point – preferably independent from the monitor’s colour space?

Additionally, I miss the indication of values when correcting ‘along’ the tone curve. :mask:
regards, Wolfgang


Hi @Wolfgang,
Improving and enhancing the Tone Curve is in our to do list, but not as high priority…


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