After "horizon": cropping only within the image possible?

Hmm, how can I vote in that thread? Bei clicking on the heart button?

Up at the top. If You have not used up your votes it should say “Vote”. Click on that button. In my case I’ve used up my votes - so it says “Limit”. Please see screen shot just below.


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While fixing this may be helpful for some people, personally I won’t vote for it. In all honesty I believe there many other more critical things that DXO needs to address with their very limited resources. The priority for this one should be very low in my opinion. Sorry.


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I don’t think so, Mark.
There must be two work; performances and interface.


  • Exactly, as Crop correction based on the Geometry is available for both versions Essential and Elite.

All the rest is the feature request which is kindly provided by @Calle :wink:

Svetlana G.

If the starting point is at the border of the black slivers, how hard can it be to resize in the direction of image content? There’s ten other people in the world who voted for this so Mark and I must be missing something.

I for one sometimes crop outside of the box as:

  1. when I’m shooting sports and need just a bit more content so I fill with grass or building or sky.
  2. often I shoot at night and might add some black.

You have won the gold award for the most trivial interface enhancement request attracting the greatest amount of attention.

Sorry, but I’m number 11 in our world! :wink:

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I agree that both performance and interface issues should be addressed, but I think that this issue is relatively trivial compared to many other things that are in the pipeline. As it is, DXO is slow to implement changes and I would not want them to get bogged down on less critical requests. I’ve found that after rotating an image using the horizon, tool and using auto in the crop tool to constrain the image borders, it is relatively easy to manually crop the image further and keep it within the boundaries of the image without black slivers. Its a simple workaround. There are other issues with PhotoLab that do not have simple workarounds and these should be addressed first, in my opinion.


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I sometimes wonder if people posting here even use the program. For starters for fixed aspect ratios the auto option only crops landscape or portrait orientation according to the image aspect. Given a trapezoid perspective corrected landscape image auto gives a less than maximal rectangle at the bottom. If I want a portrait crop I am out of luck and neither of the corners bound by the image extent are typically where I want them to be anyway. So back to zooming in and carefully dragging one or two corners to the image edge as ever.

I will try cropping with both horizon and/or trapezoidal perspective edits to better understand the level of difficulty to which you are referring.


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It is not like it is a show stopping lack of feature. It is a feature I would welcome and use. I also don’t see it being very much work to implement, much of the edge and limit calculation must already be there for auto mode and an extra ‘Manual Bound’ option in the crop drop down is a trivial UI change.

Any software update requires discussion and prioritization, analysis, coding, unit testing, (testing of the local functional change in a test bed). Also required is system testing to see how the change may impact other functionality in the software as a whole, performance impact, end user beta testing, documentaion, and roll out. That can be a lot of work. And, they have to do it twice, once for the Mac and once more for the PC.

All functional changes have the potential for a very significant amount of effort. The question often is whether there is enough benefit for all that time and expense. If you believe making this change would only take a day or two, that is not the case. And even if it was, their small development team might be unable to focus on more critical fixes while working on this. A change that requires six weeks of coding or two days of coding will often require a similar amount of effort for all the other non coding tasks.

Software developers need to make tough decisions about which possible enhancements they will address. End users are often left not understanding why a seemingly simple change is ignored.


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Less words and more illustration and examples. Your computer does have a screenshot function.

Your condescending attitude is totally out of place. I process at least fifty files in PhotoLab per week for publication. Over 1000 files/week go through FastRawViewer for culling, I’m only counting finished processed images. Again gold medal here for whingeing.

Well that’s a good illustration of your issue. webaschtl, Mark (mwsilvers) and I all create screenshots when we face a PhotoLab issue. Any good reason you should be given a pass?

Thank you. That is not expected behaviour. Could you include the crop, horizon and perspective palette settings in your screenshot?

I’m not sure this is not a expected behaviour.
The AUTO crop take in accompt the original orientation shooting. In this case: landscape.



What is expected behaviour? There is no way to change aspect orientation in auto. A maximal crop would limit top left and bottom corners and still would not be what I want or have any corner where I wanted one.

The crop setting are auto 4/3 aspect. Perspective is enable and the ‘square’ tool was used to make the alcove square.

I am still just making the point that an option to limit crop rectangles to image extents is a useful feature that has no easy work around.

Three negatives in an English sentence is almost a record. Simpler version: “I think this is expected behaviour”. You might be right Pascal. That’s why I asked for the settings screenshot. The solution here would be to choose autocrop which would set the boundaries at the outer allowed limits from which point the photographer could crop in according to taste.

The autocrop is working perfectly in my copy of PhotoLab. Here’s a shot I’m working on now for a newsletter (for other amateurs of vintage glass, that’s a Minolta MC 35mm f1.8 on my camera: fabulous glass, great corners).

The autocrop unconstrained compromises and leaves some usable material on the sides. As I want a bit more of the loge on the left, I’ll move the crop box over to the left and up a bit. Done.

In my experience, if there’s one set of tools in PhotoLab which works perfectly it’s the Horizon, Crop and Perspective tools.

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That was my answer to your:

:grin: :sunglasses:

The easy workaround is to just set auto crop with unconstrained and then cut in from whatever corner suits you. I do see the point that there could be a checkbox option for portrait (off by default) as the current aspect ratios autocrop to landscape only. It’s another option for photographers to fight their way through though. I’m a software minimalist: against adding options which don’t cardinally improve results or workflow.

The workaround with unconstrained seems adequate to me. On the other hand, I’m not a full time portrait photographer doing portrait style crops all day. In that case, I would like to lock down portrait cropping in whatever aspect ratio I need for my current assignment.