Affinity problem

I read the Nik Collection 5.1 could not be used with Affinity Photo on Mac with Arm.
Known Issues and Limitations
• Nik Collection cannot be launched from Affinity on Mac with ARM.

But its working very well on my 24“ M1 imac.
And now?

Update: Analog Fx does not work either when launched from PS or Affinity Photo.
Either it hangs on start-up or it cannot be closed.
I then checked it against version 5.0.1 - same behaviour.

New: After I gave the Analog Fx app “full disk access”, everything works.
Shouldn’t the programmes request this themselves? or even better adjustable options ?

PS: And if Color Fx, Silver Fx and Viveza and … can do without full access, why not Analog Fx ???

After allowing full disc access a new check with PS shows that Analog Fx doesn’t work with PS …