Additional Options for "Add to Photos" and More

PhotoLab has an export option for the export of images to Apple’s “Photos” application.
While the export and subsequent viewing in Photos work as expected, it provides a service that can be improved on DxO’s side - and I’m NOT digging deeply into the quirks of Apple Photos here.

All export dialogs have no means to modify the name of the files that will be sent to Photos.

This means that there is no decent way (that I know of) to distinguish the files in Photos…

See how all images show the same “Title” (as Photos moves the filename to whatever metadata tag)

Proposal attn. @StevenL

  • Enable renaming - in all export dialogs

Tested with up-to-date versions 6 and 7 of DPL and macOS Sonoma on a M1 MBA 2020

This is really a Mac only request, but that was not clear until I read it.


It is actually somewhat generic. The issue is the inability to control filenames when exporting from PhotoLab.

@platypus’s example is exporting to Photos (which was included in the thread title) but this could apply to any export to anywhere.

See also _openWith suffixes.

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