Add soft proofing to Photolab

You’re right, although I’d be surprised if they used a different rendering intent with Macs. Still, it’s easy to test this with the images from the Displaycal website I linked to above.

“Unless this has been changed recently, PhotoLab uses the Perceptual rendering intent on export. Displaycal test images suggest that this is also the case when PL4 (Win) creates a preview: …”

Thank you for this information.
Have been wondering, how PL4 is doing export, but can confirm rendering intent perceptual.

With that, why not give the user the choice between RI perceptual and relative colorimetric.
When combined with ProPhoto working space, it would better justify the costs for the Elite Version
as well being more attractive to professionals.


I support SoftProofing, which implies Icc profiles color management, rendering, a revamped printing module, and yes (really) being to us ProPhotoRGB as a working space instead ot the hardcoded AdobeRGB.

Hi. Do you print with your own printer? I don’t print myself, so I would vote for softproofing in the PL viewer component (not in the print module), icc profiles, rendering intent, black point compensation, maybe simulation of paper white.

If you are on a Mac, the macOS ColorSync Utility does soft proofing.

Thanks, but I am on Windows. I wonder how many DXO customers are on Mac vs. Windows.

There are probably significantly more Windows users of PhotoLab than Mac users. This is a guess of course but I say it because Windows has more than 90% of the market share of personal computers while Macs have less than 10%. I’m not sure what percentage of Windows users are on Windows 10 or Windows 11, but these days it is probably the overwhelming majority.

If you look at responses on this site you might get the impression that there are more Mac users than Windows users, but that’s probably because Mac users, in my experience, are much more vocal here than Windows users mostly because they tend to have more issues on that platform.