Add luminosity blend option to local adjustments panel

I have successfully replaced Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz labs & the nik collection with photolab. I am missing one thing - luminosity blending. If it were possible to add a luminosity blend option to the local adjustments (just under the opacity slider for example) to allow local adjustments to be applied based on luminosity I’d find this very useful. A model would be the way the graduated filter in lightroom can be luminosity blended. Don’t know if this is feasible or not …

Did you try with the U Points in local corrections? They take into account color difference so it may work for your cases. Or maybe the fact that U Points are radial don’t match your needs?

Yes, U-Points already do the more difficult job of taking colour and Luminosity into account. DXO need to also split out colour and luminosity masking as separate functions. Surely relatively easy as you already have the combined function?

This quick YouTube will show you how it works in Capture one:


There is already a feature request for adding luminosity masks:

Is this request any different?

See also this one:

Not really, apologies I was unaware of the previous feature request.

Thanks for the reply, for me, this a use case for grad filters in Landscape photography.

Just to clarify, Luminosity masking has nothing to do with grad filters.See the C1 tutorial for how luma masking is used.

I’m sorry I don’t understand this comment