Add Levels to PL3

In the LIGHT panel, ot would be helpful if there were a Levels adjustment, in addition to the Curves adjustment that is there.

Hello @dterry801,

Welcome to our forum. Thank you for the suggestion, it will be taken into account but the importance of the suggestion defines by the number of votes and you didn’t vote for yours but you can :wink:

Svetlana G.


I agree this is a great idea.
A true “Levels” tool that can be used to recover highlights would especially be useful. (For instance if I lower the output range from 255 to 240, instead of clipping the output at 240, you should bring the highlights in the source that are above 255 down into the 240-255 range.

A levels tool like this really will help to make contrast and brightness adjustments easily with one tool.

There is some good discussion about Levels tool here: