A quick question about DXO Plugins and Lightroom

Since I’m a PhotoLab user exclusively and have almost zero experience with Lightroom, I thought I might get some expert knowledge before I reply to a post in another forum. My question is do DXO Lightroom plugins utilize Prime at all when used in Lightroom? The forum member says he doesn’t see any difference between Lightroom noise reduction and N/R using the DXO plugin. My gut feeling is the answer in no Prime isn’t available in the DXO Plugin from within Lightroom but I’m not sure. Can anyone impart some quick insight into this?

DxO’s plugins for Lightroom do nothing but transfer images from Lightroom to PhotoLab and the other way 'round. Having the PhotoLab plugins does not change any treatment in Lightroom.

When an image is sent to PhotoLab using Lightroom’s file/module menu, the image is sent without any changes. The image can then be customised in PhotoLab and sent back to Lightroom, where changes done by PhotoLab should be visible - including noise reduction.

PhotoLab’s noise reduction can be used in such a way to make results look distinctly different than Lightroom’s NR. Please check the PhotoLab Manual on how to use its noise reduction.

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Many thanks.