A Less Nervous Preview

Crop ist just an example as good as any other example that produces the shift/resize calculation.
When I switch crop on and off without changing the crop, the image shifts and resizes like with all other tools that produce that detail settings bar below the image.

To make myself clear: I ask for a redesign that keeps the preview in place and size. Period.

There are a couple of ways to accommodate that without creating a permanent separate location for the tools added by those features, which would reduce the size of the viewable area. One would be to display the sliders and drop down menus from those various functions in the image area itself like when using Local Adjustments. Another, and my preference, would be to insert and remove them dynamically as needed to the right and left of the top tool bar. The top tool bar is already dynamically modified when you go between the Organize and Customize modes.

Based on my software development experience It should be relatively easy to move the tools that pop up when those various features are invoked to the already permanently allocated top toolbar area. The only issue I see with that may be the available space, especially on smaller monitors. But I suspect that it could be accommodated. Barring that the only solution I can see would be a permanent area above or below the image area dedicated to those controls.


is it maybe a possible change that in preferences: display, a checkbox with “kader” van be added? This way you can choose from max possible preview between the tools and such or if liked a gray isch kader of some 5mm around the inner sides of the tool kaders so the changing formats, 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2 keep between this and only edge against this greyisch kader?
So everyone is happy.

(maybe (i need to visualize this more before i can say its better or not) i would like floating windows and only activation buttons on the sides for some tools)
So the on/off switch is still on the right, but the tool is showing on my second screen if i select this by the icon on the top side.
If you use 16:9 then you got lots of freespace on the topside and not enough on the rightside. Left menu row needs to be stable.

There are floating windows: but when you use that is is gone from the right tool section and leaves no button or icon to activate. (it is showing its self when sliding the bar all right side up and down if you have other windows active on your second screen so that ok.
( But if there are a row of icons on the top bar to switch from the tools it would be great! there is some space left.)