7.0.1 crashing

Not a good start for the day, opening 7 after being away for the weekend and up popped a new, to me, crash message. Second opening worked OK its been a long time since I had PL crashing so hope they get the problems sorted from us BETA testing this version!

Hello there.

Would you might give us a little more information about OS, hardware, previous installs of DxO software and perhaps a log from PL?
Let’s see if someone might be able to help your out after that.

Hi not much help as the crash logs go off when a report is sent so no longer held on PC. Windows Home fully updated AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.79 GHz 32Gb memory NVidea RTX 4070. All SSD drives. Have PL 6 installed as well as PL7.

Does it crash on opening or when loading a picture?


As said it crashed on opening but not donr it since