6.9 Update Problems

Since updating to the 6.9 update (PLE), the program is constantly freezing to the point it’s effectively unusable. I can’t pin-point the cause. I keep rebooting but it allows me to do a few minutes work at most.
Anyone else facing issues like this since the update?

Just me then…

Nope more people has reported it.

Thanks. Makes me feel better in that it’s likley to get fixed relatively soon then.

Same for me I cannot do any editing without it crashing…is this a DXo and Windows issue. My friends w MACs report no issues

Only a small subset of Windows users seem to be having this problem. I am on Windows 10 and version 6.9 works with no issues. I do not have any details on the cause but I wonder is it is related to an out of date graphics card driver. That has caused problems in the past.


I have a out of date pc and graphicscard…:rofl:
11 years i7 and a 750 ti… Runs fine in 6.8
Sluggisch as a granddad snale in 6.9.
Must be simple to find the cause or not?
It’s in the new update .:grin:

I have a fairly new PC and new graphics
card (both fully updated) and its really slow when doing local adjustments. General stuff isn’t too bad but adjustments become difficult as it has such a delay in seeing any of them. Its really a general problem with 6.9 with some having even bigger problems.

That is interesting.because I’m not seeing that at all in my aging i7 machine from 2016.


I don’t understand what they could have done as so many have such differing problems with 6.9. Originally I didn’t think I had any, but realized when using local adjustments there was a very slow response when doing any adjustments. Increase or decrease anything and you have to wait for it to change. I am sure it wasn’t like it before 6.9. This is with a 4070 graphics card and an AMD Ryzen CPU with 32gb memory. Exporting DeepPrime from 27Gb RAW takes under 20 seconds but adding an extra stop in local adjustments takes what feels as if its nearly as long!