5.1.2 Windows Filter: Cannot Be Processed misleading

I reported this before but this is still an issue!

There is a filter for Cannot be processed and the Icon is a ! This is very misleading because if you process and export an image and then make further adjustments to that image the ! icon on the thumbnail appears. Now when you filter for the ! photos you don’t see that image!

The ! icon should NOT have two meanings (Cannot be processed AND Exported but then adjusted) and I suggest a different icon be used for photos that Cannot be processed to avoid confusion. A ! is normally an alert but not an indication of failure, maybe use :no_entry_sign:


Yes, I agree. I noticed that as well. It is misleading. Thankfully, these are small and easy to fix issues. After all, version 5.1.2 was basically intended to add the unprocessed filter and was released only two weeks after that issue was identified. I’m generally very impressed by DxO’s current responsiveness. Version 5.1.2 is the 5th update to PL 5 since it was released two months ago. Usually we don’t see that many updates in an entire year.

Mark .

When fixing the new Filter options, it would be great if this suggestion might be considered too: Request/Suggestion: Additional filter option to select Virtual Copies

John M

Good morning guys!

@KeithRJ I can’t reproduce your issue:

the filtering is ok on my side. Could you, please, double check?

As for the icon itself, I remember we even have a request somewhere in the forum and I attracted attention to it. But let me remind @StevenL about this problem again :face_with_head_bandage: as soon as he comes back from holidays.

Svetlana G.

Hi @sgospodarenko,

I still have this issue and have created a screen capture video to show the behaviour.

  1. I have a couple of photos with the !. These CAN be processed and simply have been adjusted after previous export.
  2. I filter these photos and nothing is displayed!
  3. I export another photo and filter again and NOTHING is displayed.
  4. I adjust the image and this shows a ! and when I filter again NOTHING is displayed!

Either your wording is wrong or the filters DO NOT WORK.

What is the meaning of ! ? Does this indicate there is an error or simply that the image has been changed since previous export?

Whatever the meaning of ! is, it does not work as expected.

While we are talking about filters, it is rather confusing. Does an enabled filter mean show those photos or don’t show them? I know it used to be SHOW those photos but now it is DON’T show them.

BUT! You have a check mark for filters to hide those photos but this is not intuitive because most people see a check mark as enabling something and in this context means to me SHOW those photos.

SUGGESTION: Change the check mark to a X to indicate photos with those attributes will NOT be shown. This will make filters a lot clearer to the user. If we want to be really pedantic then then you should have check marks for all filters and then when you click a filter the check mark should change to a **!
** or something similar and preferably in a red colour to indicate photos with those attributes will NOT be shown.

Hope this helps clarify my issue with these filters.

When you have no filters selected, nothing is checked and every thumbnail is displayed in the browser. When you start adding check marks to particular states, only image files having those states will be displayed in the browser. The confusion is that when nothing is checked, everything is shown - but that is by design (and is how filters work on many web sites such as online stores). So start with nothing selected and then click on the ! item in the filter list: that should show only the thumbnails of images that need to be re-exported.

I was confused too but on second thoughts it is because i was used to previous way of filtering.
If you start from scratch the new way has some logic.

Dear @KeithRJ ,

The video you provided shows the correct behavior because the “!” in the filter means “could not process” images because they are unsupported, corrrupted etc. But as I confirmed above the same grey icon is used to show that the image should be reprocessed and this is the real confusing issue. It was already reised before and I’d like to attrack @StevenL attention to it.

Svetlana G.

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Thanks Svetlana. I look forward to a fix.


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Looks like v5.1.3 has provided the fix; and pretty much as you proposed, Keith.


John M

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Thanks John,

I am away at the moment so can’t check for myself right now but will do so when I get a chance.


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