Nik Collection by DxO   Which feature do you need?

Shortcuts missing in Start menu for Nik plugins (9)
Unified interface for all plugins (1)
Bug and consistency problem with Nik plugins (1)
Photoshop 2019 (5)
NIK plugins for Luminar's eventual DAM (5)
Make it faster! (5)
Purchase apps individually (6)
Batch Processing for Hdr Efex Pro (2)
One single interface, very powerful and efficient! (3)
Compatibility with Ultra High Def Graphics (2)
Photoshop question (6)
Nik update will overwrite old (Google) Nik (3)
NIK software up grade at not cost (3)
Support for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) (1)
Integrate Nik plugins in DxO PhotoLab in any way (16)
Support for dual monitors (4)
Transparency slider of the filters in Color Efex Pro (5)
Request: Instead of the buttons below: "PREVIOUS x of x images NEXT", just thumbnails + Last used preset (2)
A Monochrome-Specific Plug-In (5)
Suggested Silver Efex Pro Features (1)
Shape of the area for the U Point (7)
Make Clearview Part of Nik Collection Stand Alone (3)
Create a fade away in the area for U Point (1)
Convert Nik installer from a .app to .pkg installer (1)
Request search feature for user presets and ability to create groups from custom presets (1)
64 bit NIK excludes many users (5)
Slider Box Values - Direct Input Plus By Using L&R Arrows (2)
Consolidate the suite of software in ONE PLUGIN (2)
CMYK and Greyscale mode (2)
Standardize across all apps (5)