Author Topic: New Features requested for Film Pack  (Read 3037 times)


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New Features requested for Film Pack
« on: October 27, 2011, 06:17:14 am »
Great program!

Here are a few features I\'d like to see in the future:

- Add the following films if possible: Ilford SFX;  Kodak Plus-X; Kodak Verichrome Pan;

- The ability to see/print a proof page that would display one image emulated through 12  favorite films.

- The ability to resize the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen like  you can in Bridge.

- I\'d like the program to remember my previous workspace and automatically open to: my favorite film; side by side display settings; 100% magnification of top of image.  

- Add a soft focus and/or diffusion filter

- Add a few basic film borders to images (35mm film strip; slide; 645; 6x6; 6x7; 4x5)

- For a couple select films,  I\'d like to see: push/pull processing; unusual b/w developers; film fogged or solarized by heat or light