Author Topic: Can't open program or even post on forum  (Read 94 times)


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Can't open program or even post on forum
« on: September 25, 2018, 01:38:01 am »
I tried to update program now I cannot even access it. Ok, obviously I can post, but not after getting strange error message saying it was a duplicate post. I am getting messages saying I do not have permissions, that I may need to run as administrator. I am not on any network, just my home computer and when I check I am the administrator. Even when I click on menu item where I can run as administrator I get same message. I have been using the trial version with no problem up to today when I tried to update. I got an error while updating as well.

It appears the last update just deleted the program because I cannot find it anywhere. I was going to see if I could repair it.
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