Author Topic: PhotoLab & Apple iPhone "Portrait" mode  (Read 523 times)


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PhotoLab & Apple iPhone "Portrait" mode
« on: June 10, 2018, 11:17:26 pm »
I am a long-time Lightroom user now contemplating the new subscription model and also the fact that Lightroom CC Classic still does not support HEIC/HEIF files.

I own a licence to PhotoLab but I haven't used it much so I am trialling it as an alternative to Lightroom CC Classic but it seems the HEIC/HEIF files I exported from Apple Photos (export as unmodified originals) are tagged as DNG files by PhotoLab and furthermore the depth information is lost.

A lot of my files are dSLR files but I am increasingly using the iPhone X camera for a lot of travel and family images.

Thanks all!