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Re: PhotoLab NIK interoperability
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How do I install NIK Collection to work with PhotoLab? I end up with the dialog "Compatible Host Applications" and cannot proceed further (the list of applications is empty even though I have PhotoLab installed). Do I need Photoshop or Lightroom as well?

Yep, you need at least Lightroom to have installation completed. Right now there is no direct connection between PhotoLab and Nik and no one announced its existence. In PL we have some features (like Control points) similar to Nik but it's impossible to use Nik plugins inside PL like you can do it in Photoshop or Lightroom for example.
To make it compatible with PL needs time and hard work and we have just bought Nik.

Svetlana G.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your comment. I no longer use Lightroom but if I recall correctly the NIK plugin sent your edited file to the NIK program you selected, where all the additional editing was performed, and when saved it returned the edited image to Lightroom as a jpeg file.

I do the same thing in Photolab Elite.  I  run the Export to Application feature and  browse to the NIK folder and select a program executable like the Silver Efex Pro2.exe.  I set  the Action as "Process as JPEG and Export". When exported Photolab  creates a jpeg version of the edited raw image and sends it to the NIK program I selected . In that program  I do all my additional editing.  When finished I select Save and the Nik program closes and returns to Photolab. If I then click on the JPEG image Photolab created on export, it changes to the version updated and saved in the Nik program.

Additionally, the Export to Application feature maintains a five item history from session to session. Since I only export to the NIK collection and as it turns out I only use 5 of their programs the list of everything I use is always there, like a plug-in.     

I've been doing this for a while now and from my perspective it worked exactly like it did in Lightroom. Am I missing something in your comment?   


Everything you wrote is correct, Nik collection can be used as any other third party application when Export to Application.

I meant that we do not have any built-in Nik plugin (like ViewPoint or FilmPack for instance).

Svetlana G.

Thank you very much for your response.  Now I understand what you were driving at. It would be great if the NIK collection was eventually configured as a plug-in.  Not only would it be more convenient and logical to have one consistent interface,  it would also mean that exporting to tiff or jpeg would no longer be required and adjustments could be made  directly to raw images.  That would be a major and very desirable enhancement for me! 
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Re: PhotoLab NIK interoperability
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You are welcome.
Svetlana G.